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Rachel Cooper
Counselling Services
Covering West Berkshire including Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford and North Hampshire including Kingsclere
07969 036448

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Counselling in bath

Counselling can help when you feel like no-one else understands what it’s like to be you; when the way you feel makes no sense to you; or when you no longer feel in control of how you feel.

You may be experiencing a specific difficulty, perhaps linked to anxiety, depression, bereavement or other loss, or a difficult relationship.  Or you may feel trapped in your life, in habitual behaviours or unhelpful thought patterns that feel too difficult to break.  Maybe it doesn’t feel possible to know what the problem really is or to express it in so many words; only that there is something you want to change.  You may have lost your way, your confidence or your sense of who you are.  Or perhaps life feels just too complicated, demanding, exhausting or unmanageable to find a way through.  You may want assistance in coping when life feels dissatisfying, distressing or meaningless.  Or you may be seeking help if you wish to come to terms with what can’t be changed or to feel more fulfilled.  

Sometimes we can feel stuck and unable to find the way forward and life can become overwhelming.  Sometimes we just need someone who will really listen to us and treat us with respect.  

At these times talking to a counsellor can be helpful in offering you a confidential and safe place where you can explore how you feel and gain insight and clarity into what can often seem like confusing and difficult feelings.  It can help you to find ways of coping and managing life’s demands.  We can’t always choose what happens to us or how other people behave towards us, but we can change our perception of life's events and our role in society, and become more aware of our patterns and behaviour.